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Terry Weingrod, Associate Principal, Eisenhower Middle/High School

Years ago when my neck became uncooperative, I asked around looking for a good massage therapist. I got several names but continued to procrastinate until I was complaining about the pain in my neck at a friend's house and they began to speak about their experience with Mark Robers. They spoke about his work with such passion, how he seemed to know just what to do to massage the pain away. I called Mark the very next day.

Mark works out of an elegant Victorian house, which a number of therapists have converted into workspace. Mark's massage studio radiates tranquility. Sliding between the flannel sheets on his heated massage table caused me to close my eyes, take a deep relaxing breath and feel the tension of my day ease away. From the moment Mark laid his powerful hands on me, I knew I had found a person who was a master in the art of massage. I thought Mark would immediately begin to massage my neck. Instead, as I laid there feeling his hands work and manipulate different parts of me, what started as an intense, almost painful tightness in different muscles relaxed under his skilled fingers until I sighed with comfort. Places I didn't even know impacted my neck offered up their tension until, when he did finally get to my neck, the pain there had already greatly diminished.

I left after that first session feeling I had been given a gift in many ways. My body felt soothed, I felt calm and peaceful and pampered. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I leave my sessions with Mark in a more joyous state of mind.

Now, when I develop aches and pains in different parts of my body, something that happens more and more as I age, I take care of my body and my spirit by going to Mark. Each session is like my first session – I breathe more deeply, I relax and Mark massages the pain away. The cost of an hour with Mark – priceless!!

Jeffrey Green MD, Emergency Physician

Mark Robers has a gift for healing that cannot be learned in any school. He was recommended to me several years ago when I had a debilitating back injury. His work went way beyond relieving my pain and restoring my mobility, to addressing underlying structural factors and thought processes that contributed to both my physical and spiritual state of being. I have since kept a regular schedule of maintenance visits with Mark which have greatly reduced the frequency and severity of my back pain flare-ups and helped me to truly know and befriend my body. I have recommended him to countless others who were in need. He is one of the local treasures here in Milwaukee and I feel it is unfair that my loved ones far away do not have a Mark Robers in their town to go to when they are in pain.

Leonard Sobczak

Mark Robers has been giving me massages for many years. His knowledge of anatomy and deep tissue work has been demonstrated in several ways; relieving chronic lower back pain, tendinitis in my shoulder and others. It seems that I can bring a muscle pain issue and he has the skill to enhance healing. Besides, for therapeutic massage, he's the best.

Jim Bryce

Mark has done wonders for my lower back and has played a crucial role in loosening muscles that have habitually given me problems. Mark's Massage Therapy has given me the opportunity to work out harder. I'm less anxious and have more confidence when attempting more involved and intense exercises. He has been very easy to work with and he has shed some light on some very interesting relationships between muscle groups that I never thought had any connection with one another. I highly recommend giving Mark a try.