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Integrative Massage and Body Therapy: Attuning the body, mind, and spirit through touch and energy

mark robers

Hi. Thanks for taking the time to check out my website. It took me some time before I developed my business name of “INTEGRATIVE MASSAGE AND BODY THERAPIES." I wanted it to reflect that it was an ongoing process of change and incorporation, mixing and blending techniques and layers of the Mind-Body connection. The term Massage relates to touch and muscle manipulations. Body Therapy is my way of approaching a session. Each session is a way for us to better learn how to bring wellbeing to you, thus facilitating more harmony with all the energies of your body. Some of my main focuses are on the fascia and muscular systems, the earth's gravitational pull on our body, and the memories/old holding patterns/energies that might be stored in your body, and how they might influence the pain patterns in your body.

I am a graduate of Blue Sky School of Massage and have been practicing the art of body therapy since 1989. In 2003, and again in 2011 the “Milwaukee Magazine” did a survey and article on Complimentary Health and I was twice voted one of the Five Massage Therapist listed as the BEST in the city. I have worked in two Physical Therapy clinics and three other health clinics over the years, in addition to having a private practice.


I am an educator at heart. I offer information about our anatomy, etc and how it works. This helps bring awareness to the body/mind connection. I have found that the more you are an active participant in the massage therapy and energy healing process, the faster and more complete the results are. During each session through touch, intention and awareness we will be asking and listening to your body as it share its story.

I have attended many workshops in the personal growth and development field, my last being the School of Soul Awareness Healing, and MATRIX ENERGETICS. I have integrated these experiences into my practice. I believe in self-actualization, congruency, and treating the whole person. I also believe that we are comprised of at least five different layers, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and vibrational/chakra. As work occurs in one dimension there is a direct, or indirect, ripple effect to the other areas. So often when one area is being attended to, another has a response: sometimes front to back, left to right, arm to foot, etc.

peaceful tree in water

When looking at our physical bodies I look for what I see and don't see. These are some of the questions I ask: Are there places that are concave or convex? What about stress? Do different stresses affect the body differently? Have there been injuries, accidents? Where and what kind of treatment will be best? Where is the body in symmetry or not in symmetry? How is the body working with gravity or fighting against it? In other words I want to look “WHOLE-isticly." I want to take in the full breadth of the situation, hear the whole story, and find all the little influences.

A client recently shared with me her view of my work. When she is on the table she feels as if I find and untangle all of her marionette strings and she jokingly calls me Gepetto. Another story from a client of mine who has used massage from a verity of practitioners, tried someone else for a “regular” massage – one that did not ask her to participate. She shared with a family member after the session that Mark Robers is a “muscle whisperer."

bamboo forest

I take all of the experiences life has given me: my professional classes, my personal growth workshops, and what life has presented, and apply these skills to my treatment sessions.

I use the many different techniques I have learned and I add that elusive element of intuition, and I work at following the subtle energies. I am aware there is more to life than what we perceive with our eyes. I believe that there is a world full of information that is on the other side of this veil of reality— the reality we perceive with our five senses.

I look forward to meeting and having the chance for us to work together. Please feel free to call my direct number (414) 278-0440 or email ( with any questions or to arrange an appointment at my Shorewood office.

Again, thanks for taking the time to look at my site.

Mark Robers