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Integrative Massage and Body Therapy:
Attuning the body, mind, and spirit through touch and energy

Mark Robers Hi. Thanks for taking the time to check out my web site. I have clients from the greater Milwaukee metro, Wisconsin area. I chose Integrative Massage and Body Therapy of Milwaukee as the name of my business because I integrate all the many different modalities I have studied and continue to learn. The term Massage relates to touch and muscles manipulations. Body Therapy is my way of approaching a session. Each session is a way for us to better learn how to bring wellbeing to you, to help facilitate more harmony with all the energies of your body. Some of my main focuses are on massage of the fascia and muscular systems, the earth's gravitational pull on our bodies, and how it influences the pain patterns on our bodies and the energies that might to stored in your body.

I also offer my clients a lot of education. This helps bring awareness to the body/mind connection. I have found that the more you are an active participant in the massage therapy, energy healing process, the faster and more complete the results are. During each session through touch and intention and awareness we, both you and I, will ask and listen for your body to share it's story.

I have attended many workshops in the personal growth and development field, my last being the School of Soul Awareness Healing. I have integrated those experiences into my practice. I believe in self-actualization, congruency, and treating the whole person. I also believe that we are at least five-dimensional: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and vibrational/chakra. As work occurs in one dimension there is a direct, or indirect, ripple effect to the other areas.

I look forward to meeting and having the chance of us working together. Please feel free to call my direct number (414) 278-0440 or email ( with any questions or to arrange an appointment at my downtown Milwaukee office.


Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist